Epoxy Glue

November 22, 2017

Epoxy adhesive as Steel glue can be in two kind, epoxy glue in one component and epoxy glue in two component. Epoxy glue in one component have latent curing to make this glue can be kept in tube or in other kind of packing. This steel glue already mixed with hardener but by adding some solvent for this mixing make this mixing are not reacted. After the solvent is vapor epoxy resin and hardener will react as usual become hard compound use as steel glue. Steel glue in one component is more simple to use, no need to formulate first or mixing first. Steel glue in one component can be provide in liquid, paste, and solid forms. Curing time of steel glue one component may use UV or heat curing system to make steel glue meet the static composite.

Steel Glue one component system
The usage of steel glue one component can be applied in aircraft, electronic, medical, electrical, automotive and optical industries. Steel glue in liquid in packing using tube can be used easily to gluing electronic part or in confined place. After gluing material using steel glue single component should be treat again in order reach their curing condition.

The steel glue one component is treated the following ways:

  • Mostly one component steel glue need heating at temperature 125 to 150 oC to make the solvent vaporized then to cure the epoxy resin.
  • Other type of steel glue can be cured at lower temperature to cure (80 – 100 oC), for this process need to read on the procedure of steel glue to use.
  • For B-stage epoxy system, steel glue can beginning to cure at room temperatures and fully cured at higher temperature.
  • Some product need UV light curing epoxies, the reaction is activated by a suitable light source at the proper intensity and wavelength.


Steel Glue Two component
Steel glue two component of epoxy steel glue contain of resin part and hardener part or curing agent, this two part must be formulated to make a single mixture then use to glue steel you want to. This two component epoxy steel glue can be applied in mechanical, thermal, optical and electrical purpose. Mixed ratio of resin and hardener can differ, depend on how fast you want to cure, at ambient temperature or at elevated temperature for faster cured.


Alloy Steel

October 25, 2017

Alloy steel are steel that composed from some mixing, this can be mixing between iron steel that contain of Chromium and nickle or iron steel mixing with manganese, zinc, copper etc.  Alloy steel is made with purpose have better characteristic than pure iron steel that very easy to corrode.  Other alloy that composed from main metal either of iron steel is Aluminum Alloy.  And another alloy that may you never said that this is include of alloy are Stainless Steel.

More detail of Brass contain are here: Brass Alloy

More detail about Bronze contain are here: Bronze Alloy

I think still many other alloy that composed from iron and other kind of steel right now. But all of alloy is purposed to make better characteristic depend on the what purpose that alloy will use.

How to calculate surface plating

October 4, 2017

Calculate Plating Surface to Convert into Price of Plating

The price of chrome plating to sheet metal sometime very difficult if you just calculate as it is. Because the object to be plated often time is not regular form. For example if you have goods to plate with box form or cones form you can measure each size and you can use mathematic calculation. See here about how to count surface area of many kind of cube and tube formula.

Those are a regular form, what about irregular form like motorcycle engine block, how to calculate this? Any idea? more detail calculation can be seen on calculate surface object plated

The price table of some electroplating process is shown on the picture below.

Metal Plating Price

Link other: Chromium Technology

White Blood, Red Blood Ebola Virus Diagnosis in Blood

September 14, 2017

In the first few days after infection with Ebola Virus, symptoms resemble those other diseases such as general fever, headache and muscle aches like when you will got flu. The disease rapidly to more serious symptoms such as rash, chest pain, severe bloody vomiting and diarrhea, uncontrolled internal bleeding, kidney and liver failure, and then shock.


Doctor can diagnose Ebola fever based on the symptom seen or you reported to them, as they quickly become ill during outbreaks. Blood tests can sometimes identify the virus directly, or antibodies to Ebola produced by the body during infection can be detected in blood. Doctors have to be careful when performing tests because simply injecting a needle into a patient who is prone to hemorrhage can trigger uncontrolled bleeding.
Until now there is no medication to treat or cure Ebola infection. Patients with Ebola fever are hospitalized and receive supportive care to treat symptoms, it mean if the patient shows cold, doctor will give anti cold or paracetamol medicine. They may receive intravenous fluids to protect against dehydration; monitor of blood pressure, heart rate and breathing and also treat for bleeding or other infections that may develop during the illness. During past outbreaks, 50 to 90 percent of people who developed symptoms of this disease died. Those who survive usually recover in several weeks.

After research, found that protein on Ebola virus attack blood vessels, and this finding may helps to explain the massive bleeding that leads to most Ebola death. The researchers then try to find new drugs or vaccine against this protein, which might prevent the disease or at least reduce the severity of the symptoms and the number of deaths caused by the virus.
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Eye Infection Eyes Plastic Surgery Price

September 14, 2017

What is the price of eyes plastic surgery?
Korean people like to do a plastic surgery on their eyes, they want their eyes look more wide than the usual look like of other Korean. Not only the eye but all the part of face like nips and tucks, wondrously wider eyes, graceful noses and chiseled cheekbones, they can do by plastic surgery.

All of that changed when moved to a cosmetic surgeon’s dreamscape, South Korea. In that high pressure society, where improved looks provide the edge in the elbows out race for jobs, education and spauses, plastic surgery procedures are as common as haircuts.

The price of plastic surgery actually depend on the part of your body need to be surgery and the wideness of the surgery itself. The tariff in Asia relative the same and use US dollar for price, for example as follows:

Upper and Lower Eyelid Surgery:
China: USD 1075
India: USD 1780 – USD 2220
Korea: USD 1500 – USD 3000

Nose Augmentation:
China: USD 1075
Indonesia: USD 3000
Malaysia: USD 1000 – USD 1990
South Korea: USD 2000 – USD 10,000

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White Blood, Red Blood Blood Donation Registration

September 14, 2017

How to donate blood and what is actually the requisition of blood donation will describe on the below. Before you accept as blood donor you must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Minimum weight should be 110 pound or about 50 kg and at least you have 16 years old and health in general. – For the first time of blood donor must fill form.
  • You should inform to the blood bank at the time about particular health concern and if you have travelled to outside country.
  • Completed a donor registration form.
  • On pre donation screening, blood bank will ask you about your health, lifestyle and disease risk factors.
  • Perform a short health exam, taking your pulse, temperature and blood pressure
  • A drop of blood from finger also be tested to ensure the iron level is sufficient to be blood donor.

After the above process have completed and the requirement already fulfil then a blood bank person will start to take your blood.

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Technology Gaps Demolish Building Without Bomb

September 14, 2017

The pedestrian crossing in Tokyo’s Akasaka neighborhood began to realize there was something odd about Grand Prince Hotel Akasaka that is standing there. Hotel turned out to be as high as 40 floors shrink so half.


This is a how to demolish skyscraper: no explosives such as those commonly used today. Slowly but sure, without the sound of explosions and smoke rising high, it began to be stripped. Grand Akasaka Prince Hotel was built in the 1980s with 140 meters high. This hotel is a symbol of a decade full of glory when the Japanese economy was very prosperous and they are the motor of the world economy.

Now, the heyday had passed. Every 10 days, the hotel was reduced 2 floors or about 6.4 meters. Tasei Corp. has a method for isolating noise and dust resulting from the demolition. In addition, they also recycle energy pent up in a skyscraper.

How do they do it? The engineers reinforce the top of the building with a concrete block and then reduce the height of the building. Concretes was left in place and then used as a flexible cover that can be derived by relying on external support.

Currently, there are 15 hydraulic jack used to prop up this cover during the unloading process runs floors by floors. The material is crushed and then separated and recycled where possible.

In its heyday, Akasaka Castle (Japanese pronunciation to refer to the Akasaka Prince), is the gathering place of the upper class in Tokyo. Guests do not hesitate to pay hundreds of dollars for their stay in a luxury suite and Christmas Eve package for couples are also in great demand.

This situation has changed since the 1990s when the explosion occurred in the stock market and property market of Japan. Luxury hotels are no longer crowded by guests and they should strive to bring in customers.

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Eye Infection Cataract Disease

September 14, 2017

Cataract is an eye disease happen on the lens of the eye, the cloudiness that occur in the lens inside the eye. The lens is made mostly of water and protein arranged to the left light trough. When the protein clumps, light is blocked and lens appears cloudy. Actually cataract is not a disease and we all will develop cataracts as getting older.


A person with cataracts may notice faced colors, problems with light such as halos, or headlight that seem to bright, or poor night vision.

Doctor can detect the presence of cataracts during a thorough eye exam, including a microscopic examination of inside of the eye. When vision is impaired to a point where it interferes with daily ativities. A surgery involved and replace with intra-ocular lens implant. In modern technology now a surgical techniques most patients find their vision after surgery to be very clear at distance without use of glasses.

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Eye Infection Farsighted or hipermetropia treatment

September 14, 2017

If you have difficulties to see near thing but easier if far it mean that you myopia disease or farsighted. The causes of myopia or hipermetropia, make the thing in near is not so clear but far is clear, technically hipermetropia the light enter to the eye ball have focus point behind the retina. This condition caused by the less of ability eye muscle and eye nerve. So the cure by natural eye therapy can make totally cured. The problem of this condition is assumed as general cases so people don’t want to find out the drug for this disease.

The mechanism of treatment make younger to the eye and nerve muscle by giving nutrition diet (eye dropped) and meal for inside treatment. For old people usually have difficulties to see on short range and can’t be cured, but some experience said that hipermetropia can be treated by eye drop vitamin to the eye can make younger for eye nerve and muscle.

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Technology Gaps Essential Oil as an alternative energy source

September 14, 2017

Essential oil as an alternative energy source have been tried and experiment for years, but the result still don’t get satisfied enough. The ignition delay of diesel engines not only affects the start of combustion period, but will also affect until the end of the combustion process. Thus play a role determining the performance and content of the exhausts gas (emission) from engines. For example, if the diesel fuel injection period is made between about 20°BTDC and TDC, such as conventional diesel engines, the relationship between levels of NOx (nitrogen oxides) and smoke (smoke or soot) will be a trade-off. However, if diesel fuel injection period is early more, earlier than 20°BTDC then both NOx and smoke levels both reduce together.

This is caused by autoignition period to be late because the period of the earlier injection causes the mixture of air (or air+gas fuel) and spray of diesel fuel gets enough time to mix evenly, so that the hight concentrated areas of mixture decreased, so that temperature of combustion are decreases. Today, the premix-lean combustion systems on diesel engines as above to be consideration, because it can reduce levels both of NOx and smoke together.

In this experiment conducted testing and analysis of ignition delay in diesel fuel injection period is very early and in the condition of mixture of air+gas fuel (dual fuel) from the intake port which varies, resulting ignition delay period becomes very long. This became an extraordinary testing because it is far beyond the period of ignition delay that exist today are limited to level 1 ms (millisecond).

The next, in this study have been found a model calculations to predict the ignition delay by applying the condition of autoignition of Livengood-Wu. By determining the constants which obtained from an experimental results, to disubsitusi into the model calculations predict of ignition delay is then obtained predicted value identical to the value which is obtained from experimental results.

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