Skin, Fungus and Medicine

Skin – Fungus – Medicine are a combination of tree object that often related each others that usually always use by peoples. Fungi on skin usually difficult to cure, for this matter it should be continuously be cured. Some herbal fungus medicine also can cure this disease for long medication, because skin still sick and need to cure continuously say foa 3 months then skin can recover perfectly.

Skin is often get disease because our skin is located outside of our body, and become have the important role of body organ. Skin is filtered of everything we touch for this function our skin have sensitive censor on skin that can detect what they touch. For people that have over knowledge can use their skin as sixth sense, if they close their eyes, they still can see by using their skin that can feel something around them.

Skin with their function is divided into several part that have each function and protect other organ. Because skin protect other organ and located the outer of the body, so skin often get many problems. Skin often get many diseases, so skin consume many kind of medicine with huge volume of medicine. The skin diseases that difficult be cured is skin fungus diseases, because fungi is difficult to be killed in a short time. Because fungi in general can reproduce in three ways, ways vegetative, generative manner, and the spread of spores. Because of extraordinary of fungus live, this parasite is difficult to eradicate. Different with bacteria that just have one way to reproduce by cell split, like one become two, two become four, four become eight and so on. But bacteria can be killed easily because if their reproductive chain is cut bacteria can’t continue to live.


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