Technology Gaps Demolish Building Without Bomb

March 5, 2013

The pedestrian crossing in Tokyo’s Akasaka neighborhood began to realize there was something odd about Grand Prince Hotel Akasaka that is standing there. Hotel turned out to be as high as 40 floors shrink so half.


This is a how to demolish skyscraper: no explosives such as those commonly used today. Slowly but sure, without the sound of explosions and smoke rising high, it began to be stripped. Grand Akasaka Prince Hotel was built in the 1980s with 140 meters high. This hotel is a symbol of a decade full of glory when the Japanese economy was very prosperous and they are the motor of the world economy.

Now, the heyday had passed. Every 10 days, the hotel was reduced 2 floors or about 6.4 meters. Tasei Corp. has a method for isolating noise and dust resulting from the demolition. In addition, they also recycle energy pent up in a skyscraper.

How do they do it? The engineers reinforce the top of the building with a concrete block and then reduce the height of the building. Concretes was left in place and then used as a flexible cover that can be derived by relying on external support.

Currently, there are 15 hydraulic jack used to prop up this cover during the unloading process runs floors by floors. The material is crushed and then separated and recycled where possible.

In its heyday, Akasaka Castle (Japanese pronunciation to refer to the Akasaka Prince), is the gathering place of the upper class in Tokyo. Guests do not hesitate to pay hundreds of dollars for their stay in a luxury suite and Christmas Eve package for couples are also in great demand.

This situation has changed since the 1990s when the explosion occurred in the stock market and property market of Japan. Luxury hotels are no longer crowded by guests and they should strive to bring in customers.

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Eye Infection Dyslexia

November 15, 2012

Antiquity, the child who cannot read is dumb or plain stupid. Formally a child who likes to imagine is considered inconsequential. Today people increasingly clever sort out which ones stupid for not learning, or smart but can not express verbally or orally.

A symptoms of “dyslexia”, the terms of the inability to read. He often “read” a book in a long time, but did not read the letter. Just a detail drawing up the working process of each actor in the picture. He read “b” to “d”, the number “2” to “5” when ordered together. He also likes to get confused between left and right. He can spell all the letters, but must look at the position of the tongue, teeth and lips when I say syllables such as “ba” or “da”. Meanwhile, record power over all the details of events and his knowledge is very high.

Only parents can take care a children with dyslexia be just considered as plain stupid trash. Or parents also were able to escort him into Albert Einstein (physics genius) or Tom Cruise (actor became the richest producer in Hollywood) or George W. Bush (war-hungry politicians). The three were examples of those who focus on the job despite beginning with childhood dyslexic.

Now depending on couple, will provide information as to what intake; would escort dyslexic children into geniuses who could see the earth and the sky as possible. Now up to us, the parents.

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Eye Infection Common Eye Problem

October 23, 2012

Most of us will experience temporary eye problems from time to time, including itching, blurriness or fatigue. Most of these eye problem are short lived and will probably recovered without any other complications. However, if any problem on the eye and that last for more than a couple of days should be checked by doctor.

Eye twitching: This disease usually harmless, an eye twitch can be very annoying. Twitching may associated with stress, caffeine, fatigue, pink eye, panic disorder, tourette syndrome.

Itchy eyes:
Itch eyes can see with red eye that be very uncomfortable. Some condition that can cause itch to eye such as: pink eye, bleparitis, dry eye syndrome, allergies, etc.

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White Blood, Red Blood Why Blood Price Expensive

August 29, 2012

This question always come after the patient getting blood transfusion because of their suffer of blood shortage, as an example of the story on certain hospital as follows:

A 20-month old son was recently hospitalized with acute anemia. It was eventually diagnosed as Transient Erythroblastopenia of Childhood, but at the time all we knew was his hemoglobin level was 2.3 grams / deciliter, which I’ve been told is extremely low. He received 4 transfusions of packed red blood cells, totaling 240 cc of blood, or just over 8 ounces. He has thankfully recovered fully. The hospital thoughtfully sent us a copy of the invoice they submitted to the insurance company which contained the following charges:

blood processing /storage $1500
blood / admin $2500

WTF? Four thousand dollars for 8 ounces of blood? 500 simpletons per fluid ounce? Why is the stuff so damned pricy? I understand its not available on tap, and it requires screening and storage and whatnot, but that seems very expensive. Is there just one hell of a markup on the stuff?

They always asking about the price, why is it so expensive, while many people always blood donor for free. The answer always many factor involved like the blood process also expensive, the transportation and many other reasons. So the Vampire live very difficult because no blood available on the store.

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Technology Gaps Robot Curiosity Will Land On Mars

August 5, 2012

Mars is know as the planet that is not suitable for human. Nasa’s curiosity Rover will schedule to touch down on Mars during the evening of Sunday August 5 Pacific time. This robot have mission to observe the habitat environments on Mars, explore an enormous crater just south of the planets equator and climb the flanks of a 5-kilometer high mountain.


Then this robot will search if any possibility of life on this planet, NASA mission find out the sign of this planet if could support any life, either for now or long ago. NASA’s new Mars rover aims to alight on the Red Planet like a pop star being lowered onto stage.

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White Blood, Red Blood Blood Donor in Fasting Season

July 28, 2012

Fasting should not preclude a person to donate blood. Provided that the body in good health and do in a right time, to donate blood will not make the body become limp.

During the fasting seaoson, usually a decrease in the amount of blood supply to 50 percent of daily about 800-1000 bags per day normally.

“Doing the blood donor is basically not invalidate of fast. But in another perspective blood donors mentioned can lead to dehydration,” said dr.Robby Nur Aditya, Section Head of Donor Blood and Information Unit, Red Cross Indonesia, interrupted blood donor event held by Tupperware in Plaza Semanggi Jakarta, Friday (13/7).

To prevent dehydration, can actually be tricked by blood donors ahead of the opening hours of fasting or after the meal.

“Do not forget to take in enough fluids before the donor,” he added.
Those who might donate is the person over the age of 17 years, healthy-bodied, have a minimum of 45 pounds of body weight, blood pressure of at least 100/60, as well as hemoglobin levels from 12.5 to 17.

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Eye Infection Color of Eyes

July 15, 2012

Before using the eye color calculator you’ll need to know the following terms: Genotype is the combination of genes for a given traits. In this case, eye color. Young genotype and that of your mate’s determine the eye color of your children.

Phenotype is the physical trait itself. Your phenotype is your eyes color.
To use calculator to calculate the possibility of eyes color of your children you can follow the instruction on the below:

  1. click each eyes to select closest eye color
  2. use sliders to change allelic frequency (optimal)
  3. Scroll to select result options
  4. Click calculate after selecting all eye colors to see results.

Go to some chemical calculation on genetic theory.

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Technology Gaps Seal From Further Rust

July 15, 2012

Seal technology is use to stop running process that can make damage to certain appliance. Seal have different meaning from leakage or to stop from rusting process. Seal of running liquid from some cover or rotating equipment they can use rubber material or cloth material, but to seal rusting process on certain metal like iron can use coating process like electroplating process.

Sealing on the running pumping oil or some fluid in pumping process can use several kind of seal. Classes of Seal Technology Emerging seal technology are providing clear choices for sealing. Various plant services require the application of these new technologies for emissions control, safety and reliability. Sealing systems are now available that are based on the preferred method of lubrication to be used.

To seal metal from further rusting process can use nickel plating. chromium plating, silver plating and the most expensive is use gold plating.

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White Blood, Red Blood Thalassemia Disease

May 19, 2012

Thalassemia is a genetic disease, the defect can caused by either mutation or deletion, that affected in result of synthesis or no synthesis of one of the globin chains that make up hemoglobin. The abnormal of hemoglobin molecules causing anemia, the characteristic symptom of thalassemias.

People with thalassemia disease will result underproduction of normal globin proteins, often through mutations in regulatory genes. Hemoglobinopathies imply structural abnormalities in the globin proteins themselves. Two conditions may overlap, since some conditions causes abnormalities in globin proteins also affect their production of globin protein. Both of these conditions cause anemia.

All thalessemia diseases have similar symptoms but the levels are varied. Most of the patients experienced mild anemia The symptoms are more severe such as on thalassemia beta major, jaundice may occur, open sores on the skin (like ulcers), gallstones and enlarged lymph. Too active in sungsum bone, can make penebalan tulang mainly on head and face bone. Too long bone make more fragile and easily broken.

Children with thalassemia will growing late and too slow reach pubertas time. Too often of getting blood transfusion make many iron substance accumulate on every muscle even in hearth muscle, this condition can make hearth fail.

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Technology Gaps Morce Code

April 6, 2012

Information technology always develop, since the begining of telecommunication technology that created use morce code to transfer some message to other people in a distance place. Morce code is a signaling code first devised by Samuel F.B. Morce in 1838 for use with his electromagnetic Telegraph. The code used two basic symbols or signaling elements: the “dot,” a short duration electric current, which gave a quick deflection of the armature of Morse’s receiver and so caused a dot to be printed on the strip of paper moving beneath the ink pen carried by the armature; and the “dash,” a longer duration signal that caused a dash to be printed. Using this code, the various alphanumeric characters (letters and numerals) that compose a message could be represented by groups of these two signal elements. In the international Morse code, for example, one dot followed by one dash (٠- ) symbolized the letter A; the number seven appears as “dash dash dot dot dot” (- -٠٠٠). The dot and dash elements are separated by an interval that has the duration of one dot; the dash has a duration equal to three dots. The space between characters, whether letters or numbers, is equal to three dot units, whether letters or number, is equal to three dot units, the separation between words is six units. Morse’s code rapidly gained acceptance and avoided into several forms. Early Morse – American Morse, and international Morse. Its international form it is still in use.

Although Morce devised his code for use with a printing telegraph, he and his collegue Alfred Vail soon realized that messages could easily be read from the sound of the clicking armature. When the printer was replaced by a simple buzzer, the operator could read the message from the sequence of dots and dashes.

Radio telegraph was introduced in 1897, and Morse code was again employed. In early use the radio signal would cause a sensitive relay to operate the local printer or buzzer circuit. Similarly, Morse code was applied to the left and right beats of the needle of the submarine telegraph and the llight flashes produced by a signaling lamp used on ships at sea. Morse’s work dominated signal coding until well into the 20th century.

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