White Blood, Red Blood Ebola Virus Diagnosis in Blood

In the first few days after infection with Ebola Virus, symptoms resemble those other diseases such as general fever, headache and muscle aches like when you will got flu. The disease rapidly to more serious symptoms such as rash, chest pain, severe bloody vomiting and diarrhea, uncontrolled internal bleeding, kidney and liver failure, and then shock.


Doctor can diagnose Ebola fever based on the symptom seen or you reported to them, as they quickly become ill during outbreaks. Blood tests can sometimes identify the virus directly, or antibodies to Ebola produced by the body during infection can be detected in blood. Doctors have to be careful when performing tests because simply injecting a needle into a patient who is prone to hemorrhage can trigger uncontrolled bleeding.
Until now there is no medication to treat or cure Ebola infection. Patients with Ebola fever are hospitalized and receive supportive care to treat symptoms, it mean if the patient shows cold, doctor will give anti cold or paracetamol medicine. They may receive intravenous fluids to protect against dehydration; monitor of blood pressure, heart rate and breathing and also treat for bleeding or other infections that may develop during the illness. During past outbreaks, 50 to 90 percent of people who developed symptoms of this disease died. Those who survive usually recover in several weeks.

After research, found that protein on Ebola virus attack blood vessels, and this finding may helps to explain the massive bleeding that leads to most Ebola death. The researchers then try to find new drugs or vaccine against this protein, which might prevent the disease or at least reduce the severity of the symptoms and the number of deaths caused by the virus.
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