Chromium Technology

Chrome Plating Technology currently have improved with many kind of chrome type can be produced. By using of contaminated metal effect combination and arrange the electric current flow through electroplating process, the result of electroplating can vary as the technology development era. The result of electroplating process is not just bright result but can produce many kind of product color result like, grey, black or even bright gold color result.

From those variation result currently the product from steel can be used as many kind decorative purposed with cheap price. From the development of chemical engineering technology, can produce many kind of art product and accessories that could be marketed to bottom market class until high market class depend on the goods resulted.

The benefit of steel plating with anodized aluminum, that steel plate can produce many kind product with strong power but also with resistance to corrode and have better arts sense. Aluminium anodizing also have arts sense but this product specialize to light metal product. If the structure need strong structure this metal is less of power to hold high stress.


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