White Blood, Red Blood Blood Donation Registration

How to donate blood and what is actually the requisition of blood donation will describe on the below. Before you accept as blood donor you must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Minimum weight should be 110 pound or about 50 kg and at least you have 16 years old and health in general. – For the first time of blood donor must fill form.
  • You should inform to the blood bank at the time about particular health concern and if you have travelled to outside country.
  • Completed a donor registration form.
  • On pre donation screening, blood bank will ask you about your health, lifestyle and disease risk factors.
  • Perform a short health exam, taking your pulse, temperature and blood pressure
  • A drop of blood from finger also be tested to ensure the iron level is sufficient to be blood donor.

After the above process have completed and the requirement already fulfil then a blood bank person will start to take your blood.

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