Eye Infection Eyes Plastic Surgery Price

What is the price of eyes plastic surgery?
Korean people like to do a plastic surgery on their eyes, they want their eyes look more wide than the usual look like of other Korean. Not only the eye but all the part of face like nips and tucks, wondrously wider eyes, graceful noses and chiseled cheekbones, they can do by plastic surgery.

All of that changed when moved to a cosmetic surgeon’s dreamscape, South Korea. In that high pressure society, where improved looks provide the edge in the elbows out race for jobs, education and spauses, plastic surgery procedures are as common as haircuts.

The price of plastic surgery actually depend on the part of your body need to be surgery and the wideness of the surgery itself. The tariff in Asia relative the same and use US dollar for price, for example as follows:

Upper and Lower Eyelid Surgery:
China: USD 1075
India: USD 1780 – USD 2220
Korea: USD 1500 – USD 3000

Nose Augmentation:
China: USD 1075
Indonesia: USD 3000
Malaysia: USD 1000 – USD 1990
South Korea: USD 2000 – USD 10,000

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