White Blood, Red Blood Blood Donor Requirement

Blood donor is required by every patient who need additional blood because of shortage of blood inside the body. The shortage of blood inside of somebody can because of injure or because of diseases. Severe injure can make people die if blood shortage can’t be overcome as soon as possible. After the blood requirement can be fulfill, victim can recover their wound and back to normal. Whether shortage of blood because of certain disease, can’t be overcome in a simple way. First he/she must be cured from the causes beside must give any additional blood into the body.

Blood donor should be fulfill a certain condition, that currently more strict year by year because of many diseases can make problem to the blood recipient. Following below are the major reasons given for exclusion, most still in force in Blood banks, Blood donor clinics and hospitals, today.

In 1980s, the blood donor must don’t have this:

  • Cancer
  • AIDS Symptoms
  • Hypodermic drug use
  • Men having had sexual contact of any kind with another man or men since 1977.

In 1990s, the blood donor must don’t have this, beside the above diseases:

  • Anyone who has had hepatitis since his or her 11th birthday
  • Anyone who has taken pituitary growth hormone in any quantity.

In 2000 to the present, in addition to all of the above:

  • Anyone who has taken Tegison for psoriasis
  • Anyone currently with drugs for an enlarged prostate in their system
  • Anyone who spent three months or more in the United Kingdom from 1980 through 1986
  • Anyone who has received Blood by transfusion in the United Kingdom or France from 1980 through the present
  • Anyone who has spent five years in Europe from 1980 through the present time.
  • Anyone who has self-administered non-prescription drugs intravenously
  • Anyone who is not 17 years old and 110 pounds in weight or more.

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