White Blood, Red Blood Why Blood Price Expensive

This question always come after the patient getting blood transfusion because of their suffer of blood shortage, as an example of the story on certain hospital as follows:

A 20-month old son was recently hospitalized with acute anemia. It was eventually diagnosed as Transient Erythroblastopenia of Childhood, but at the time all we knew was his hemoglobin level was 2.3 grams / deciliter, which I’ve been told is extremely low. He received 4 transfusions of packed red blood cells, totaling 240 cc of blood, or just over 8 ounces. He has thankfully recovered fully. The hospital thoughtfully sent us a copy of the invoice they submitted to the insurance company which contained the following charges:

blood processing /storage $1500
blood / admin $2500

WTF? Four thousand dollars for 8 ounces of blood? 500 simpletons per fluid ounce? Why is the stuff so damned pricy? I understand its not available on tap, and it requires screening and storage and whatnot, but that seems very expensive. Is there just one hell of a markup on the stuff?

They always asking about the price, why is it so expensive, while many people always blood donor for free. The answer always many factor involved like the blood process also expensive, the transportation and many other reasons. So the Vampire live very difficult because no blood available on the store.

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