White Blood, Red Blood Blood Donor in Fasting Season

Fasting should not preclude a person to donate blood. Provided that the body in good health and do in a right time, to donate blood will not make the body become limp.

During the fasting season, usually a decrease in the amount of blood supply to 50 percent of daily about 800-1000 bags per day normally.

“Doing the blood donor is basically not invalidate of fast. But in another perspective blood donors mentioned can lead to dehydration,” said dr.Robby Nur Aditya, Section Head of Donor Blood and Information Unit, Red Cross Indonesia, interrupted blood donor event held by Tupperware in Plaza Semanggi Jakarta, Friday (13/7).

To prevent dehydration, can actually be tricked by blood donors ahead of the opening hours of fasting or after the meal.

“Do not forget to take in enough fluids before the donor,” he added.
Those who might donate is the person over the age of 17 years, healthy-bodied, have a minimum of 45 pounds of body weight, blood pressure of at least 100/60, as well as hemoglobin levels from 12.5 to 17.

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