Technology Gaps Seal From Further Rust

Seal technology is use to stop running process that can make damage to certain appliance. Seal have different meaning from leakage or to stop from rusting process. Seal of running liquid from some cover or rotating equipment they can use rubber material or cloth material, but to seal rusting process on certain metal like iron can use coating process like electroplating process.

Sealing on the running pumping oil or some fluid in pumping process can use several kind of seal. Classes of Seal Technology Emerging seal technology are providing clear choices for sealing. Various plant services require the application of these new technologies for emissions control, safety and reliability. Sealing systems are now available that are based on the preferred method of lubrication to be used.

To seal metal from further rusting process can use nickel electroplating. chrome coating, silver plating and the most expensive is use gold plating.
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