White Blood, Red Blood Blood Coagulation

Blood have big contribution on repairing system if any damage tissue on our body. The important point on repairing of damage tissue is the flowing process, if the blood flow is disturbed, the repairing process also can be obstructed. The process of blood clotting and dissolution of the clot, following by repair of the injured tissue, is named by hemostasis.

The important of blood function, make some medicinal process also base on the blood circulation condition. For example if people have an accident or any disease that causes the blood coagulated on the body tissue. Doctor should be taking out the coagulated blood to make other blood can easily to circulate. This process sometime need a surgery and sometime just using needle to take the blood out from the tissue depend on the disturbance.

Hemostasis process can be divided into the following step:

  • The initial phase of the process is vascular constriction. This limits the flow of blood to the area of injury.
  • Platelets become activated by thrombin and aggregate at the site of injury, forming a temporary, loose platelet plug.
  • Fibrin mesh or clot forms and entraps the plug. There are two type of plug, white thrombus, if the plug contains only platelets and a red thrombus, if red blood cells are present.
  • At the end of the hemostasis process, the clot must be dissolved in order for normal blood flow to resume following tissue repair.

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