Technology Gaps Button Mushroom Production

In General, button mushrooms are grown seasonally and in environment controlled cropping houses. White button mushroom requires 20-28 o C for vegetative growth (spawn run) and 12-18o C for reproductive growth. Besides that it requires relative humidity of 80-90% and enough ventilation during cropping. Seasonally, it is grown during the winter months in the north-west plains and for 8-10 months in a year on the hills. However, with the advent of modern cultivation technology of button mushroom it is now possible to cultivate this mushroom anywhere.

The growers can take on average 3-4 crops of white button mushrooms in a year depending upon the type and varieties cultivated. Factors affecting the yield of the crop both in terms of quality and quantity are incidence of pests/pathogens and non-availability of pure quality of spawn.

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