Technology Gaps Solar Cell Technology

Solar Cell Technology have developed rapidly along with the ever increasing energy demand and the decreasing availability of petroleum energy sources. To make the solar cell more efficient should be intense of many aspect, such as it must stand to warm and in continuous motion, ensuring both accuracy and high bonding strength immediately after contact with the glass, backsheet and frame should by strong to hold for long time use.

The solar cell should offer the cost effectiveness; easy application and durability for perimeter sealing of the PV laminate to the aluminum frame to make more pretend to corrosive deteriorate. It must be instant bonding, manufacturers can handling the module immediately after framing, resulting in increase production efficiency.

All module should by secure and sealing with strong quality material like ethylene vinyl acetate adhesive film, can demonstrate outstanding durability through repeated lamination cycles.

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  1. Isidra Minasian Says:

    Solar cells are the basic component of any active system used to convert sunlight into a form of energy. Traditionally, solar cells were used as the key part of panel systems that generated electricity or heat for homes. These days, the technology is used in a wide variety of applications, which means the style of solar cells vary per application.^

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