White Blood, Red Blood Blood Sugar

Blood sugar can affect our feel about how hungry we are or how energetic we are, It is also related to what the body do to the fat, burn it or store it. Pancreas create hormone called insulin that function to transport blood sugar into the body cells. The pancreas work overtime to produce insulin for all blood sugar to be used for energy readily available and that it should stop burning fat and start storing it. The greater concern with the insulin surge causes too much blood sugar to be transported out of our blood and insulin level drop below normal. This level make us feeling tyred and hungry want to eat something else with high sugar content.

The cycles will run again, and this can causes your body will caused you to become overweight in the first place. It will be very important that any snacks are healthy; that they are pre-portioned so you won’t be tempted to overeat; and that meal sizes are reduced to compensate for the additional calories the snacks provide.

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