Eye Infection Thyroid Eye Disease

The function of thyroid gland is to secrete or form hormones that control a wide range of the body’s metabolism process. If the secretion of this hormones is not enough may cause fatigue, intolerance to cold, weight gain and dry skin. Too much secretion make hyperthyroidism. People with hyperthyroid may have heat intolerance, nervousness, weight loss and heart palpitations.

Even the thyroid gland is located in the neck, the problem of this gland may lead to changes in eye and orbit (eye socket). The combination of thyroid dysfunction and eye changes is called Graves disease or thyroid eye disease. The symptom of this disease usually appear when thyroid hormone levels are too high but can occur when these level are normal or below.

Grave disease is more attack to females five time bigger than to males. Mostly suffered by women during their 20’s to 30’s. If this disease attack to children, eye problem tend to be less severe. The cause of eye changes in Graves disease is unknown, but the immune system is involved in development of the signs and symptoms. In people with Graves disease, the tissue around the eye, including the orbital fat and eye muscle, become swollen and inflamed.

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