Technology Gaps New Technology of Mushroom Cultivation

In Indonesia for mushroom cultivation still use traditional technology, this can make wasting money as the source of materials and the source of bamboo as their room then shortage. They actually just copy from others farmer to do this cultivation, even though if calculated the production cost will more expensive. Usually they just calculate on the first production that need big facility to provide all the needed. They just build a semi permanent and just can stand for short time, says just stand for two years. If they build their room in permanent ways they can stand for longer time or may just replace the cover nothing else.

Indonesian farmer mostly still use bamboo for their cultivation room as well as pasteurization room. By using this system they need many kind of this room every time want to cultivate more mushroom. Different with modern farmer that use separate cultivation room and use different pasteurization room. The difficulties on moving substrate after pasteurization, they using durable plastic box that is used for packing the substrate as well as for cultivation places. After the cultivation finished they can move the substrate rest to landfill easily and faster of course. This simple work never calculate as efficient time and labor cost.



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