White Blood, Red Blood Amyloidosis Disease

Amyloidosis is a disease that is happen on the bone marrow. The effect to people that attack by this diseases is causes excess production of protein known as amyloid. Even though this protein normally produce by marrow but excess production can be life threatening. This disease can be classified into two types, if the deposition of protein is localized and it effects just in one particular organ called as localized Amyloidosis. If the effect to the whole body then this is known as systemic Amyloidosis or systemic Amyloidosis. Systemic Amyloidosis is generally dangerous and this can cause any part of your body to malfunction.

The part of body organ that are generally affected by this disease are heart, kidneys, nervous system and the gastro intestinal system. The symptoms have been generalized as showing up with swelling of the ankles and the legs (a result of kidney infection, that can’t properly filter the blood and impure blood that is pumped back to the body), loss of weight causes by the inability of kidney to filter blood properly, shortness of breath resulting from heart effect, swelling of the tongue, numbness, fatigue and diarrhea. This diseases can be inspect by carrying out specific test of bone marrow, blood and urine samples. The first check up is a physical examination of the body to determine if you really need further specific test.

Amyloidosis is not a particular disease, there is no specific treatment for the same. What needs to do is that, the production of amyloid protein to be controlled, hence medication for the same can be prescribed but there is no specific medication that has proved that it controls the production of amyloid by bone marrow.

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