Hair Style Like by Men

The hair style that like by men become many women like to change their style of hair and always to find what kind of hair style like by men or like by certain man. This why women often change their hair style.

If this women is want to show on certain media or follow some fashion or model, this may because of their professionalism style to make her credibility on the show, but for general women the change style of hair may because of she want attract of certain man attention.

There are eight of hair style that is like by men. For more of this kind of style can look more detail on here Eight Hair Style.

Briefly this hair style are as follows:
1. Horsetail
2. Side Ponytail
3. Random Break off
4. Sasak Bangs
5. Piksi
6. Segi
7. Long hair and healthy
8. Smooth and shiny

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