Heart Attack

Heart attack or heart diseases can causes by many problem like the effect of other disease that make the heart work abnormal. Some acute diabetes disease can make their heart get problem, contain of many cholesterol on our blood can make the heart block, but heart problem also can causes other many diseases that merge on their body so the main source itself sometime difficult to detect.

This effect can be reciprocally, so other diseases can cause heart disease and heart disease also makes other diseases merge. The diagram of these diseases can be drawn simplify like as below:

So if we want have health body we must keep our body in balance in all the need. What are our body needs? The need of our body is not just food, but also need education for our brain, need of appreciation, and need spiritual education. If this needs be fulfill in balance then our body can get disease.


One Response to “Heart Attack”

  1. Angel Paramo Says:

    Heart attacks can be prevented if we just do regular cardio exercises each day and we also watch our diet, avoiding fats. :.`,.

    Warmest wishes

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