Many kind of adhesives that always we used, without realize that we have familiar with many kind of adhesives as include of chemicals. Adhesive for certain material is create from certain chemicals.

In traditional world people take adhesive from many kind of plant, usual adhesive people can make from starch, that know have produced industrially, with many modification to create more better product.

To make metal to metal adhesive ancient people made from their natural formula like mixed between chalk and sugar-palm. Chalk and sugar-palm is mixed then stick to the metal. This join will more stronger after long time, but can’t contact with water.

A modern industry they create adhesives more vary, and more specific use. Industrial adhesive product that available on the market like 3M adhesive, UF Adhesive, polyester adhesive, cyanoacrylate adhesive or superglue and many others kind adhesives that have specific application.


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