The Most Expensive Coffee

Do you know, what kind of the most expensive coffee in the world? That is luwak coffee, indonesian original coffee. If you know the process on how this coffee is produced, may some of you will not consume again of this coffee, so I wan’t to tell you how this coffee is being produced.

Luwak coffee, is sell in many place in Indonesia. In Jogjakarta, Surabaya, Semarang and ofcourse in many coffee shop in Indonesia, even you can find this coffee in many big city on this world. They are provide this coffee, just sell the product and sometime don’t know where the coffee come from.

This coffee is related to “Luwak” that a kind of animals that like to eat coffee especially ripe coffee that fall down from the coffee trees. Luwak also like feed of many other fruits like manggo and papaya fruit that have sweet taste.

Currently we have coffee luwak, become the most expensive coffee, what about next time, may there are more expensive than coffee luwak, human coffee.


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