Facebook VS Other Service

Facebook becoming the most prefer server service on this world. Why this can happen? Facebook is offering free marketing media while other service usually ask for money if they want promote their product. The other reason is facebook also can use as just connection and can use by general people who don’t familiar with internet easily. People can register by just provide their name, email and password are enough, while other free service sometime needs many conditions. Facebook have huge member in just short time even they are mostly don’t buy product from facebook.

The other reason why facebook become win vs other webserver is our account become viewed in the first order if search in Google and may also in Yahoo. I don’t know why this can happened. Our name can merge in the first order if people search with our name keyword. This also make bloggers try to make their name or blog name or domain on facebook because their name will merge in the first page on search engine. I don’t have any explanation why this can happen because our website or blog even don’t want merge in the first page even we have write many thing on our blog. If we have blog with name of Kawasaki Ninja, may be we should have this name also on facebook in order can merge on the first page of search engine. So this why not just usual people want have account on facebook but also bloggers want be a facebook member.


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