New Rule on Google Search Engine

Google search engine always have new rule, at least every 2 years the rule is changed, you must update and follow the rule. Have you read about this new search technique that will do start on February of 2010. That is Caffeine Program by google.

If you still don’t know yet about this program, you must learn it more harder than before. Are you ready?? You must follow every update of new innovation on Google or blogger application in order your site always uptodate and have rank. Other wise your site already buried or dead.

Actually this program still become a mystery, and Google of course make this program secret. But still use the main guide line like on the google term and condition for creating website or blog.

Many webmaster and blogger just predict and try their assumption to their site, even some people ask to remove their link exchange, because they don’t really understand what is the program that google launch currently.

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