Ciopiono Tomato Sauce

Tomato Product

Ciopiono Sauce become the google trend search after this product make a controversial event in Carmel-California after produce with no license in Sea Harvest Restaurant and have been supposed possible botulism contamination.  Botulism is called as Botulism in toxination that rare happened but very serious paralityc ilness caused by botulinum toxin, this toxin is produce by a kind of bacteria called as Clostridium Botilinum.

Ciopino Recipe become a trendy to search by many people because this recipe prefer by many people. This recipe is using a license sauce that may not every body can use the same recipe to their restaurant. Ciopiono sauce have been produced by Sea Harvest then sell retail in the restaurant. As the State said to produce this Ciopiono sauce Sea Harvest does not have the required cannery license.

Papaya treesPapaya trees which are male, hermaphroditic, or female, have palmate leaves clustered at the top of the trunk. White, cream-colored, yellow, or purple tinged flowers are borne in inflorescences on the trunk in the axils of the leaves. Both male and female trees must be  present to produce fruit; hermaphroditic trees are self fruitful. Fruit ranges in shape from globose to long avoid, and in color from light yellow through deep yellow, orange, and pink to red.

PotatoWhite potatoes are edible tubers that grow at the end of underground stems of the plant Solanum tuberosum, a member of the Nightshade family. Above ground, the plant has a stem and coarse, dark green leaves resembling those of the tomato. Its flowers range from white to purple, and occasionally fruits develop that resemble small green tomatoes. Like the berries of the nightshade, these fruits are poisonous. The tuber’s skin ranges from tan to purple, and its flesh is usually white or light yellow, although in some Andean varieties it is purple. The tuber has extermal buds, or “eyes”, that can sprout into new plants. These eyes, rather than the seeds of the fruit, are planted to grow a new crop.


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