My Hair Turn to Grey

We are as human often worried about our development at our body. Yes, there is a good development and some are not expected development, such as our wrinkle skin or gray hair. We worried because of the reality, our body turn down, but our needs become increasing. We need a good car like Mercedes or Ford Raptor, we new phone cell model such as Black Berry or even our house also becoming old and need to renovate. So then always ask to him self or herself “Why my hair change to Grey?” Is there any medicine for this?

By the way, about this hair changing, scientist research result that the chemical reaction caused the hair turn to grey by itself from inside to outer. Scientists may have to imagine why hair turns to gray, and their findings could open the door to strategies of new anti-gray.

This process begins when there is a dip in the level of enzyme called a catalase. The lack of catalase, will cause of hydrogen peroxide that naturally occurs in the hair can not be stopped. So hydrogen peroxide is formed on the hair, and because other enzymes that will modify the hydrogen peroxide also damaged and lack of supply, and the hair becomes gray.

Placing an inhibitor to prevent the chemical reaction has a big scenario on preventing of grayish process of the hair.

Don’t worry about your hair changed, our hair may changed to grey but heart changed to wise and truth, a wise man said about this changing:

A head of gray hairs doesn’t mean one’s an elder.

Advanced in years, one’s called an old fool. But one in whom there is truth, restraint, rectitude, gentleness, self-control, he’s called an elder, his impurities disgorged, enlightened.


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