Black Berry

If you plan to have a smart phone like Blue Berry check that they have this feature:
Flexible Communications
This is a new serial of Blackbery smart phones. Using this phone you will be able to touch with all the people in your life in the exact same way. Blakberry smart phone completed with voice, text, instant messaging and email communications.
  • Email
  • Advanced Phone Features
  • Instant Messaging
  • Social Networking

This phone completed with multimedia system:

  • Media Player
  • Media Sync
  • Media Manager

GPS & BlackBerry Maps

Completed with GPS and Maps

  • GPS Capabilities
  • BlackBerry Maps
Information Management
Black Berry is using included calendar and organizer applications. Quickly hop on the web to navigate and browse websites before accessing your business intranet and corporate database.
  • Browser
  • Organizer
  • Corporate data access

Bluetooth Capable


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