The K

Novel the K

This novel is created for long time after several times being repaired, send to the publisher send back and repair again. Need more time to review this novel, about 3 years I think. Hope that this Novel can be a Novel Best Seller. Big hope is not bad but sometime make feel big loose. Just waiting for the next day, the real Novel Best Seller will come.

This beneficial ability than other creature just to show that human being have in highest position compare with others. Other properties of human being are the same with other creature like desire, instinct and moral. But combine with their ingenuity this character can be changed, using their ingenuity and moral human being can reach the highest level in the side of God in Heaven.

Novel the K talk about human greed (Keserakahan), human power desire (haus Kekuasaan), modern Communication (Komunikasi modern), Contradiction (Kontradiksi) and will ending with the Great of God Power (Kuasa Tuhan), just with their bessing (Keberkahan) human being will get their real happiness (Kebahagiaan).



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