Science and Engineering

Science and Engineering are now interrelated each other. Biology right now has developed into the branch of science and their technology improvement becomes an important in the world. Biology has enlarged and become the basis of other science improvement. Other knowledge development become depend on the Biology development such as on medicine, on medical cure and on genetics engineering.

What is the scope of biologist: the scope area of biologist usually about these field; Botanist; Evolutionary Biologists; Geneticist; Microbiologists; Molecular Biologists; Neurosciencetists; Zoologists.

On cloning method to reproduce many of similar animals and in plant generative using cell culture or tissue culture to produce many of similar plant with the same quality. This technology has improved and still to try to produce many animals in efficient and effective way.

Microorganism as we know that this technology have use in industry and now become the source project to produce alternative fuel for car and other Automobile. As we know that the source of fuel energy is become lessen and the fuel price increasingly ten times expensive. So on the next time biology become the source of inspiration to solve energy crisis in the world.


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