Nature Law

If you have study at high school may be you have learn about nature law that have learn by us. Especially if your subject is science. This law that I will tell you is about substance properties that have many state in a normal atmospheric condition, like water.

Water in a normal temperature and normal pressure, I mean 25 oC and 1 atmosphere or 1 bar is in liquid state. If this water that being cooled till zero degree or below than change to other state, solid state. If heat until 100 degree than will change to vapor or called as steam.

On those changes there are energy that should loose or must absorb to change their liquid state to steam. For just change the temperature the energy need using formula:

E = m.c. dT

But for change the liquid state to Steam need energy latent that using formula:

E = m.L and no dT or different temperature. The same formula when this liquid state change to solid state (ice) they must loose energy with the same formula:

E = m.L but different L value with steam

Those all formula is only draw to you that those nature formula have been approved by scientific. Value c equal with 1 and L value equal with 10 to 100. For normal changes there is only 1 time bigger than the first value, but on special condition will 10 to 100 times energy increased.

This formula will valid for other science discipline not just in Physics or chemistry, but also in Biology, but in biology no certain formula. Lets talk about breeding in biology, on the normal breeding will only result 1 child, but on advance condition can result 10 to 100 child, such as in banana or rice plant.

Can you remember that Einstein also create a formula for energy forming E = m.c2 where c here mean sun light speed that is 3 x 108 m/s2. This formula use in nuclear energy result. is this formula also available in biology? yes! In biology use in viruses reproduction or plant that use spore for their reproduction.

What about in Economy?

If you just work and only get income from your salary, that you use the first formula, E = m.c.dT where c=1.

If you are a businessman, you may be use the second formula, E = m.L where L value have 10 to 100 times.

Our goal is not use those two formula but the Einstein formula to our Economic condition, but how? For this may be you can use AdSense.


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