Communication Style

One of the important point the spreading of some certain style is the communication system on the civil, faster and easier communication access from society, then more easy to understand what the style is on going and people then can imitate that style easily. On the communication there is interpersonal communication that they interpret every news that come to them with their own thinking. If there are certain message that sometimes hidden, not everybody will understand what is that mean.

Two basic approaches have been used to define interpersonal communication. One approach includes all the ways in which people influence each other, even unintentionally. Anthropologist Edward T. Hall’s popular book The Silent Language (1959) described the ways in which such nonverbal communication as the physical proximity between two people communicated much about their cultural background or personal background or personal relationship. This approach defines communication by referring to the total environment of social behavior, not just specific acts or utterances.

Other scholars believes that communication should be limited to only those intentional interactions that occur by means of symbols. This view assumes that although the attempt to communicate with another may fail in the sense that speaker may not evoke the communication act. This orientation has produced research into persuasiveness factors of arguments; and the role of selective perception, source credibility, and pressure to conform to group norms.

Your style of how to communicate will determine on how you will facing your live, have many friend, always fun or more much of sadness. Your style can make always Health or on Safe Condition.


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